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1/24/22 – GBB: New Richmond 60, Osceola 63 (2 OT)


1/22/22 – Wrestling: SCF Invitational Finals


1/22/22 – GBB: Cameron 39, Barron 52


1/21/22 – GBB: Prescott 63, Ellsworth 47


1/21/22 – BBB: Ellsworth 45, Osceola 71


1/21/22 – BBB: Cornell 40, Flambeau 91

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Watch your hometown team from the comfort of your own home. Our live streams get you in on the action when you can't be there to cheer your athlete on in person. 

Content, content, content

In real estate you’ve heard the cliche, “location, location, location”, right? Well in the online world it seems to be, “content, content, content”. We are so excited to be bringing…

We Are Braham

Welcome WE ARE Braham!

As the We are Network continues to expand, it was time to cross over into Minnesota and couldn’t be more excited to have it begin in Braham! The Bombers are…

Mission statement

100 Live Streams!

The WE ARE Network is celebrating its 100th Live Stream of the 2018-19 school year (you can see our tally of streams in the footer). Luck defeated Drummond 53-37 in…

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

What a summer! The We are Network has begun to blossom as we’ve gone from one channel to three channels to seven in less than a year… with more on…