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WE ARE Shell Lake

12/6/21 – BBB: Lake Holcombe 59, Shell Lake 71


12/6/21 – GBB: Barron 37, SCF 57


12/6/21 – GBB: Clayton 54, Shell Lake 61

WE ARE Amery

12/3/21 – BBB: St. Croix Central 64, Amery 29


12/3/21 – BBB: Frederic 66, Grantsburg 88


12/3/21 – BBB: Clear Lake 66, Shell Lake 36

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You can go home again

The old saying goes, “You can’t go home again.” They say, “Once you leave your home, you’re gone forever.” My answer to that is, “Poppycock.” Fact is, “I’m Baaaaaaack.” Over…